Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deep Rest

Surgery in late December to repair a defect was followed by ten days of total, on-the-couch sloth, which was followed by three weeks of nothing more intensive than walking.  It was quite an experience.  The Days of Sloth were doctor-mandated, so there was no sense that I "should" be training or working or cleaning the house or messing around in the garden.  I just immersed myself in the silence; I don't have a television, I didn't bother with music; I rarely opened my laptop.  I just read lots of good books, took delicious naps, listened to the rain, and thought about life.  I have a generally low-stress life, but even so, I felt tension in my muscles and my brain just drift away.  It was magical, like hitting the re-set button on a life that had become a little jabbery.

The next three weeks were also interesting.  Instead of heading up to the mountains every weekend, as I usually do, I rediscovered my neighborhood, strolled through old Ballard, explored Golden Gardens in a snow storm.  I caught up on errands: ordered new glasses, repaired my shoes, framed some old photos, had lunch and dinner and Starbux with neglected friends.  I was patient; I was good; I followed the doctor's orders and the admonishments to "behave!" from my doctor sister and doctor friends.

And finally, today, I had served my time; I was officially healed and released back into the wild, on the very day that I had originally planned to be flying to Germany for Konig Ludwig Lauf.  It was pouring hard rain at the pass, with temperatures near 40, but that didn't matter -- I had to be out there!  So I skied on the Iron Horse; it wasn't long, and it wasn't fast, but it was real skiing.  The rain on my face and the clean air in my lungs, the cold gray lake, the silent dark forest, the necklace of bobcat prints, the tiny siskens flitting in the trees ... it was pure bliss.  I am soft and pale and out of shape, but today, I skied!  Happy happy happy.

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  1. Way to get back out there, Debbie! Looking forward to seeing you on the trails again.